Using an iPhone with a damaged battery can be very inconvenient, especially when you are on the go. There is a risk that the device will shut down at any time, especially if you use it intensively. At Univer Phone, we can repair the battery of your Apple smartphone. We tell you everything!

What are the signs that your iPhone battery is damaged?

The signs of a worn or damaged battery are usually easy to spot:

  • The autonomy of the smartphone decreases considerably. In other words, you need to recharge it more than once during the day, even without intensive use.
  • The device suddenly shuts down during use while the indicated charge level is still over 15%.
  • The phone has no autonomy. You must leave it connected to the mains permanently to keep it on.
  • The smartphone does not turn on at all.
  • The device bugs or stops working normally.

Consider repairing your iPhone battery as soon as one or more of these problems start to appear. Note, however, that some of these signs may also indicate other concerns.

Is it possible to repair the battery of your iPhone yourself?

In theory, you can repair your iPhone battery yourself if you are a handyman and have all the necessary equipment. Nevertheless, the practice is a little more complex since it is necessary to go through several steps to access the battery. Indeed, you will have to remove the shell and disconnect the tablecloths from the screen.

The slightest sudden and poorly executed movement can cause damage of varying degrees that could cost you even more, and sometimes irreparably. Also, it is necessary to be careful not to confuse the removed elements to be able to reassemble the device later. That’s why we recommend that you entrust your iPhone battery repair to an experienced professional.

Should I send the phone to Apple for battery repair?

In general, manufacturers, especially giants like Apple, provide repairs for their products. So yes, you can definitely entrust the repair of your iPhone battery to the company. Nevertheless, the cost of the intervention is very high if the guarantee is no longer valid and it can take a long time to get an appointment. In addition, you may be without your phone for a long time.

This option is only beneficial if the device is still under warranty. If not, we recommend that you have the repair done by a reliable local professional whenever possible. We are here to serve you!

Why should you trust us with your iPhone battery repair?

As we said before, we can totally take care of your phone’s battery repair. We explain why we are a quality choice.

  1. We put at your service qualified, experienced, competent, serious and well equipped professionals. They are also very friendly and welcome you with a smile, whoever you are.
  2. Our experts always perform an honest diagnosis of your smartphone before intervening. This way, they can identify any other problems that need to be addressed to maximize the life of the unit. They will then give you an estimate for the repairs. They do it all for free.
  3. In most cases, we carry out repairs in less than 30 minutes, because we are aware of the importance of your phone in your life.
  4. All our interventions are subject to a 90-day guarantee. This includes parts and labor. This is another proof of the quality of our services.

What about our rates?

We offer reasonable flat rates which you can find out by visiting our website.

  1. Go to our website and click on the “Cellular Repair” button.
  2. Select the brand of your phone, so “iPhone”.
  3. Select the model of your iPhone.
  4. Then click on the type of problem you are experiencing, here “Battery”. The price and estimated time of the repair will appear on the screen.

What are our other services?

You may have noticed that we also repair other brands of phones such as Samsung, Google Pixel, Huawei or Motorola. Also, we can repair all kinds of damage, including problems :

  • From the charging circuit
  • Headphone jacks
  • From the LCD screen
  • Peripherals: speakers, cameras and microphone
  • Software and applications
  • Water infiltration

How to preserve the battery of your iPhone?

Before concluding, we present you with some good habits to adopt in order to preserve your iPhone’s battery as long as possible:

  • Remember to charge your phone before the charge level drops below 30%. Some professionals recommend keeping it between 30 and 80%.
  • Avoid exposing the unit to extreme high or low temperatures.
  • Close background applications and always turn off Wi-Fi, mobile data or Bluetooth when not in use.
  • Use a suitable charger.
  • Turn off your iPhone from time to time.
  • If possible, avoid heavy use.


Finally, is it possible to repair an iPhone battery without breaking the bank? The answer is yes. Our professionals will be happy to take care of it for a more than reasonable price. You will also benefit from a 90-day warranty on all our parts and services.

Please feel free to browse our website to find out the cost of the repair depending on the model of your device. We then invite you to make an appointment by phone or via the platform so that we can proceed with the repairs. If you have any questions or remarks about our services, we are at your disposal. We thank you for your trust!